His seriousness and his commitment, his need for in-depth analysis allow him dealing with demanding tasks with dynamism and enthusiasm and to ride out possible difficulties.

His loyalty, punctuality and his plain attitude endear him to people and allow him creating a serene and harmonic climate in a work context, even in a team.
His professional motivations, his ability to adapt even to critical conditions also to its human and relational qualities allow him working efficaciously, achieving the set goals. His passion for research and his determination are his main strengths and represent an asset for the employer. The collaborations with CRM were always very satisfying and productive.

Laura Bianchini Director at Centro Ricerche Musicali di Roma CRM

I have known Balandino for five years, as a student and as a collaborator in sound design at CRM Centro Ricerche Musicali (Center for Musical Research).
Balandino has the abilities to create, both in artistic and technological fields, original solutions. I appreciated his capacities to work in equip and his ability in organising complex duties.He his honest and generous with his companions and ever available to help them. He is obstinate when it has to finish work.
He collaborated to the realisation of interactive adaptive works of art which combine music to sculpture to sound diffusion technologies as well as interactive performance with augmented instruments (Feed-drum).Consequently he already knows the aesthetical as well as the technical questions related to the interactive performance.

Michelangelo Lupone Composer at Centro Ricerche Musical di Roma

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