What it is



Star Node is a newborn multidisciplinary group of artists. The Node of music, visual arts, fine arts, computer science, engineering, biology and human-computer interactivity dislocated between Italy and the United Kingdom, it is the strength of the Star Node group.


Who we are

The group recently formed, is composed by Victoria Curtin Rivera (Art Historian, Artist), Maurizio Di Berardino (Musician), Balandino Di Donato (Researcher/Sound Engineer), James Dooley (Digital Artists), Riccardo La Chioma (Composer), Guido Iommarini (Guitarris), Flavia Massimo (Cellist), Luana Fiorella Mincarelli (Biologist), Cristian Paolucci (Sound Egineer/Composer).

Our Goal

Their main focus on sound-art installations come from the necessity of expressing their artistic ideas through an immersive audience experience, empowering themselves to interact and so to establish the evolution of the artwork itself.