The project

HarpCI, contracted version of Harpist Computer Interaction, is a research project conducted in collaboration with Eleanor Turner (Harpist and Composer) and supervised by James Dooley (Digital Artist and Researcher). Balandino and Eleanor spent seven months on designing ways to manipulate the live harp sound without affecting the instrumental musical performance. This work informed the design and development of MyoSpat, an interactive system to model auditory and visual feedback through hand gestures.

When the system was complete, Eleanor composed The Wood and The Water which represents the primary project's output. Moreover, Balandino and Eleanor are currently running workshop focused on electronic harp sound manipulation during performance and composition.

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The performance

The Wood And The Waterfor harp and electronics, is composed by Eleanor Turner using MyoSpat. The performance explores principles of human-computer interaction in the field of musical performance. The performer, Eleanor Turner, elaborates the auditory and visual feedback through hand gestures. Such elaborations make herself and the audience explore the acoustic space and sounds living in it as tangible. Although, the video below is mastered for a stereophonic reproduction, live performances of the piece take place using a quadriphonic audio system. Thanks to a more accurate spatialisation, the audience can experience a fully immersive experience made of light and sound projections.