Climbing for research

Climbing saved me from a break-down due to difficulties with my PhD and some unfortunate other experiences. I believe that climbing, can help anyone, it isn’t an individual sport with individual benefits, but its practice can be beneficial for others too. As this initiative for example. Differently, than in research, I’m not an experienced climber but enthusiast to learn and get better at it.
I then decided to start raising funds for helping people in needs! Below, I made a list of all my challenges and initiatives to help the community!
If you wish you can follow my training here!



On 30th-31st March, together with my mate Joe, we’ll climb my first multi-pitch routes. I didn’t decide the route yet, so if you know any good one please in UK get in touch! To make my challenge somehow beneficial for the community, I’m supporting the #CACMountainMarch initiative by Climbers Against Cancer (CAC). CAC is an organisation that raises funds for cancer research in UK and not only.
As many of us know, Brexit means harder or no access to European funds, which cover a large slice of UK research funds. I believe this is one more reason to contribute, and not only towards cancer research.

I already appreciated that you spent a couple of minutes of your time to read this post! Please spread the word, and if you wish to DONATE you can do it through this link: I’ve also set-up a Facebook page named “Climbing for research”, where you can track my training and future challenges! To clarify, donations do not go to me in any way, but directly to the CAC, which will then give them to different cancer research organisations. Alternatively, you can support #CACMountainMarch by becoming a fundraiser (for details see the CAC website), or you can even download the statement of my campaign and hang it anywhere you want!!!