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We are currently looking for beta testers to test and evaluate MyoSpat, a creative sound spatialisation system controllable through hand gestures developed by our PhD student Balandino Di Donato. The system aims to facilitate the manipulation of spatial sound and light projections. MyoSpat is developed using the Myo armband, Myo Mapper, machine learning implemented using ml.lib, and Pure Data. HERE more info about the MyoSpat system.

We are delighted to invite you to become a beta tester and take part in a user study which aims to evaluate MyoSpat. If you are a musician, you are more than welcome to bring your instrument to explore the system during live performance.

This user study is approved by the Birmingham Conservatoire Assessment Unit and supported by Integra Lab, Birmingham Conservatoire, and Birmingham City University.


Please, contact Balandino here to become a beta tester!



Eleonor Turner performing using MyoSpat

2 thoughts on “Call for beta testers

  1. Hello
    I very intressting in this new way because I’m want try to implemented with a Sax. New thinking of music is something is what I looking for. Nice Work and I will be glad if I can be a Beta tester.
    Thank you
    Regards Jo

    1. Hi Jo, many thanks for your request. However, I’ve closed the call for beta testers for the time being. In fact, I should take this post down. I’ve had two saxophone players, and I can tell that MyoSpat works very well with the saxophone. I might run a second round in May. However, this is not sure yet. Would you be interested? Where are you based? Of course, for any info or potential future collaborations email contact me (see contacts).


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