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Just back from Umeå (Sweden), which is a lovely city to visit, where I’ve been presenting my research focused on the gSPAT development at MTFScandi.
It has been a great experience supported by Integra Lab and BCU.

If you have never been at Music Tech Fest, just do it!!!

Music Tech Fest is the free festival of music ideas, mixing performances and experiments, hacks, demos, and installations. Since 2012 Music Tech Fest has been redefining how music is perceived, performed and experienced. It is now time to build some new formats for music.

It is a great festival of ideas where everyone can share and achieve their thoughts,  ideas, inspirations, works, research, hardware, software. It is a festival where you can experience Human Interaction through technology and not HCI only.

Big hand for Music Tech Fest, Integra Lab and BCU!!!

In this occasion, I presented my research focused on Live Sound Spatialisation Using Gestural Control, see the presentation at the following video.

The day after my presentation I have participated at the MTFHacks. The MTF Hack Camp focuses on physical interaction and performance with tangible objects. It’s all about making new types of instruments and musical interfaces, taking them to the main stage and performing with them.

I had the opportunity do work with Per-Olov Jernberg who is a developer at Spotify. With him we developed cubeSphere which is an interactive cube display for manipulating audio.

Our project won the MusicBricks Awards, which consists in €3k to bring the cubeSphere to the next level.

MusicBricks is an Innovation Action funded by the European Commission (H2020-ICT-2014-1 Project ID 644871) and coordinated by SIGMA ORIONIS SA (France). MusicBricks will last 18 months starting the beginning 2015 and the other partner entities involved are:

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