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About two years ago I gained my bachelor degree and I decided to move to Birmingham (UK), to join the Integra Lab.
It was my birthday, Jamie Bullock and all the other guys of the lab, welcomed me warmly. In a couple of days, I felt at home and ready to give my contribution to the development of Integra Live. Since that day, I spent hours and hours at the lab, without giving up any moment.

After a long year, in September 2014 I achieved the dreamed Ph.D. position and only a month after my first conference, the RESCON14.
On such day, I realised that I’m afraid of public speaking and technical problems didn’t help me at all. It has not been a good start for my Ph.D..

Today #MayThe4th(BeWithYou), I wrote a few dates in my calendar.

After my first experience, it is the case to say: MAY THE FORCE BE WITH ME!

See you soon with loads of news from the music technology community!

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