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Equinode fuses interactive light projections and algorithmically generated music to create an immersive audience experience. n Visitors uncover streams of music and manipulate the spectrum of light by stepping onto the platform and finding a point of balance and equilibrium: an equinode. Sensors hidden in the platform detect the slightest movements made by whoever steps onto it. Musical gestures, the mix of the music and the light projections change in response to these audience interactions.

The project is realised using wireless technologies, open-source software and embedded computer systems. Source code can be found at www.github.com/starnode/equinode.


Equinode’s authors are Balandino Di Donato,  James Dooley and Guido Iommarini, together with Star Node.

Star Node is a multidisciplinary group of artists. The Node of music, visual arts, computer science, engineering, biology and human-computer interactivity dislocated between Italy and the United Kingdom, it is the strength of the Star Node group.

The group recently formed, is composed by Maurizio Di Berardino, Balandino Di Donato, James Dooley, Riccardo La Chioma, Guido Iommarini, Flavia Massimo, Luana Fiorella Mincarelli, Cristian Paolucci.

Their main focus on sound-art installations come from the necessity of expressing their artistic ideas through an immersive audience experience, empowering themselves to interact and so to establish the evolution of the artwork itself.

Balandino Di Donato

Balandino Di Donato is a PhD student at the Integra Lab (Birmingham City Univeristy), which research is focused on live sound spatialisation using gestural controller.

Previously, he has been working for Centro Ricerche Musicali di Roma, where he has been involved in sound art installations realised by Michelangelo Lupone and Licia Galizia in Italy, Peru, Egypt and Turkey over the period 2009–2013. Afterwards his graduation at A.Casella Conservatoire, with a thesis regarding the use and development of application for the Tangible User Interface Metis, Balandino moved to Birmingham to join the Integra Lab for the development of Integra Live, where later on he gained a position as PhD Student. Recently he published his work in UK, Austria and Sweden where he has been awarded for the EU Project Music Bricks.

Web: http://www.balandinodidonato.com

James Dooley

James Dooley is a digital artist and creative coder based in Birmingham, UK. James’ performance and installation works use sound to create a sense of place — a meta-environment — to transform existing spaces. Influenced by complexity science, his works rely on the interactions between many simple and autonomous elements that coalesce to produce emergent forms that slowly evolve over time.

Web: http://www.jrdooley.com

Guido Iommarini

Guido Iommarini is an Italian guitarist whose peculiarity is the unusual approach to guitar playing, which frequently involves massive use of effects. He was a member of the Italian band “Unheimlich!” and he is currently collaborating with other young Italian artists in different projects.

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