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Hi to all beatboxers!

I’m a PhD Student at Integra LabBirmingham City University (UK)My research is focused on the design and development of an application for mobile devices and Myo armband, which allows beatboxers to spatialise their vocal’s sounds through already learnt gestures.

Below you find a video clip realised during tests to explore the Myo armband capabilities.

During the last year my work has already been published and presented in various conferences: ICAD (Austria), CUK (UK), MTFScandi (Sweden), MTFCentral (Slovenia),  RESCON14 (UK), RESCON15 (UK), Royal College of Music (UK) and the software developed through the gained knowledge has been used for Contemporary music performances at Frontiers Festival (UK)electroAQustica (Italy), EmuFest (Italy).

I’m currently designing a new application, which will be able to sample and loop and process beatboxers’ vocal sounds using gestural control.
To do so, I’m gathering data and ideas through looking at performances and published interviews. Unfortunately, there is hardly any material concerning this topic on the internet; thus, I need to collect such info from you guys.

To do so, I’m looking forward to interviewing you!

If you are keen to give your contribution or support my work, please email me at: or sign up here.

For more info about myself and work, have a look at the other pages and blog posts published on my website. If you wish, you can also watch some more videos on my YouTube and Vimeo channel.

This is a research is funded by Birmingham City University, and proudly supported by humanbeatbox.comItalian Beatbox Family and

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2 thoughts on “Call for Beatboxers

  1. Aye I’m a beat boxer of 2 year experience I dig the idea for a gesture controled loop station if it something of a rec and play type and allow it to be a time signature /bpm selection for each note in like a music bar format while being able to select between multiple diffrent recordings just my idea for what you described

    1. Hi there! that’s an interesting idea. I’m interviewing Beatboxers to collect all those ideas and comments, as well as asking about way of performing. If you are keen to share with me your ideas drop me an email: info [at]


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