PhD Student at Integra Lab and Sound Engineer based in Birmingham (UK), where he design, hacks and mix realities to interact with.



The ‘how’ and the ‘what’

Last week I spent my evenings creating a digital “musical instrument” for a unique and rare person I met a while ago. My objective was to create a musical instrument based on her passion for chemistry, music and gaming. So I decided to create something which could transform as many materials and fluids as possible into sound. After a few […]

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Towards grabbing and throwing sounds away

Over the last year, I’ve been working on the development of an interactive audio spatialiser designed to move a vocal sound during musical performance. I tried to solve this problem by empowering the user to position the sound within an acoustic space through orienting the arm in that position (read more about it). It was just a starting point towards […]

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Presenting at MTFBerlin a project in collaboration with Grace Savage

Redirected from: Three-time British beatboxing champion, singer, songwriter, actor, looping artist extraordinaire and one of Elle magazine’s top 100 inspiring women in the world, Grace Savage is coming to #MTFBerlin at Funkhaus, 27-30 May. Savage will be teaming up with music technology researcher, inventor and #MusicBricks developer Balandino di Donato to create a groundbreaking performance that uses gestural interfaces […]

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Using the Xth Sense to create virtual water games – For XTH Sense Blog

The amazing thing about virtual environments is that with a bit of imagination and creativity, you are able to create your own world. For the past few months, I’ve been playing with the concept of emulating gestural interactions with objects from the real world and perceiving the same auditory feedback in the virtual realm, yet […]

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Porto International Conference on Musical Gestures as Creative Interfaces

Just back… well that’s hard to tell where from, because of the French strike which held me first in Porto and then Lisbon. Let’s say I’m back from Portugal. The reason why I flew to Porto is to present my PhD work (HERE is the abstract) at the first edition of the Porto International Conference on Musical […]


Exploring Live Sound Spatialisation Using Gestural Control – For Myo Deveveloper Blog

A blog post published on Myo Deveveloper Blog. My name is Balandino Di Donato and I’m a PhD student at Integra Lab (BCU), where HCI (Human Computer Interaction), design and audio signal elaboration coexist to create new musical experiences. My work explores ways to map beatboxers’ gestures into features to electronically transform beatboxing vocal sounds. This […]

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